Fanga Alafia, Ashe, Ashe!
Welcome Well Being, May It Be So!

The purpose of the Keweenaw Community Drum Project is to build, enhance, and celebrate a sense of community through drumming by offering regular hand-drumming opportunities to the community at large.

Hand-drumming is a powerful way to build community and bring people together to enjoy a shared sense of life, involvement, and rhythm. In addition to the proven therapeutic benefits of hand-drumming, shared rhythm circles can enhance communication, confidence, social relationships and team-building. Drumming is both a physical and a spiritual activity that brings joy and a sense of mindfulness or 'living in the moment' to participants.

We gather for regular Community Drum Circles that draw a diverse crowd of participants from children to elders, students, professionals, and retirees. Everyone is invited and encouraged to play!

To learn more about our other rhythm events and community efforts and how you can help, see About KCDP.